United Thank Offering

2023 Annual Report

March 11, 2024
United Thank Offering

By UTO Executive Committee

Our March newsletter is out a little later this month because we were anxiously awaiting the final Ingathering amounts from 2023 that we needed to finish our annual report and this newsletter. We are happy to share that our 2023 Annual Report is now available here along with every annual report since we started making them in 2017. 

This year we simplified the format for our annual report to really focus on the most important things we want to remember and reflect on from 2023. You’ll see that we do offer a financial summary of both the Ingathering and our UTO expenses. You’ll see a very fun graphic that takes the grants awarded in 2023 and blocks them into groups to help see the broader direct impact of the grant process. We’ve also reflected on our goals and set some new ones via reflections from Sherri, our current president, and Karin, who takes over the role of UTO Board president beginning July 1. We’ve also saved this in a format that is easily printed for those of you who would like to share it at a diocesan meeting, or you can simply share the link with your network. If you have any questions about the annual report, please email Heather.

The Rev. Cn.
Heather Melton

Staff Officer for the United Thank Offering

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