United Thank Offering

2024 UTO Grant Focus Now Available

March 1, 2023
United Thank Offering

By Joyce Landers, UTO Board Vice President

The United Thank Offering Board is very excited to announce the 2024 grants focus. Many people have requested that we release this information to help coordinators promote UTO in their congregations and dioceses. We understand knowing how the funds will be distributed can help increase participation. To avoid confusion, the application materials will not be made available until after the 2023 granting cycle has ended. For those interested in applying in 2024, please note that the criteria will be simplified, and the process will be different than in 2023 as we are migrating to a new online platform.

The UTO grant focus for 2024 will be on “the stranger” Jesus mentions, offering welcome and inclusivity.

  • Projects that welcome people with differences that cause isolation (culture, life experience, disability, mental health, etc.) in new ways that are meaningful and deemed necessary by that community.
  • Projects that encourage truth-telling, acknowledging historic trauma, and establishing a pathway toward healing.

We do not want this announcement to supersede the importance of the 2023 granting cycle. We invite your prayers of support for each applicant and the board as we consider some very difficult decisions. The board is grateful for each member of UTO and for the many ways that you support and promote the practice of gratitude and giving to the Ingathering. 

The Rev. Cn.
Heather Melton

Staff Officer for the United Thank Offering

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