United Thank Offering

2024 UTO Prayer Booklet Request for Prayers

October 4, 2022
United Thank Offering

By Sherri Dietrich, UTO Board President

Prayer is an amazing gift; it connects us not only to God but also to each other because we Episcopalians often read and say our prayers together. Gratitude is also about the connection between God and others, so it seems very appropriate that one of UTO’s most popular resources is the book of prayers we create at the time of each General Convention. Although we just finished one General Convention in July, it’s already time to write and send in your prayers for the next UTO Prayer Book so we can have it ready for GC 82 in 2024! 

Anyone can write and submit a prayer, and we would love to be overwhelmed with prayers from around the Episcopal world to include in the next prayer book. The final categories for the prayers will be determined this fall, but please begin to think about a prayer or prayers you’d like to write, and encourage your friends and fellow parishioners to submit their prayers, too. No prayer is too short or too simple—if you’ve prayed it, someone else will probably want to pray it also. Every triennium, we are blessed and inspired by the prayers that come in. I know we’ll be blessed again by your prayers for the 2024 UTO Prayer Book.

Once you are ready to submit a prayer you can do so here.

If you’re worried about using the online form, you can also email your prayers to Heather Melton. Just be sure to include your name, parish, and diocese. 

The Rev. Cn.
Heather Melton

Staff Officer for the United Thank Offering

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