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Gratitude Gift Guide

December 6, 2022
United Thank Offering

By Heather Melton, UTO Staff Officer

For years people have asked, “What kind of gift should I get to introduce someone else to practicing gratitude?” This is a really tough question because everyone practices gratitude differently. With that said, there are some super fun items you can make or purchase to show your gratitude for someone. I want to start this list of ideas by saying that all these items pair really well with our UTO Christmas cards! You can either have us send them or send you a pack to personalize and add to gifts. You can find more information and order them at www.unitedthankoffering.com/christmas.

Gratitude Gift Ideas:

  1. Purchase a gratitude journal, pens, and stickers to help the person start a new practice. You can even use a blank notebook and then Google “gratitude quotes” and add them into the book to make it yourself.
  2. One of our favorite items at UTO is a booklet called “Letters for a Year of Gratitude.” It includes 52 letters you pull out, write and send to someone thanking them for their impact on your life. This is a great gift to give, but also a great item to purchase to support any gratitude-related New Year’s resolutions.
  3. Do you know someone who loves to color? Send them a copy of the UTO Coloring Book (available at www.unitedthankoffering.com/color). 
  4. Share a recipe that they have told you they enjoyed along with the story. Remember, connection with someone and remembering them is a great way to practice gratitude.
  5. Invite children in your life to write thank-you notes for people instead of gifts. I know we all like having our gift acknowledged, but wouldn’t it mean more if we got a note that thanked us for remembering them and being a part of their life? Encourage kids to give thanks for the people in their lives this holiday season and give them cool thank-you cards and pens to inspire them.

Regardless of what gift you give or receive this holiday season, remember it is the giver and receiver who are the real gifts and don’t forget to give thanks for those individuals who make your holiday magical. 

The Rev. Cn.
Heather Melton

Staff Officer for the United Thank Offering

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