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How to use UTO resources on your e-reader

January 27, 2023
United Thank Offering

On a computer, phone, or tablet without an e-reader app:

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  1. Log in. Go online and log into your Amazon account through your PC. Go to Manage my devices and scroll down until you find your Kindle.
  2. Personal email. Each Kindle comes with its own email address so find yours now. This is where you are going to email your PDF.
  3. You’ve Got Mail. Create a new email with Convert as the subject line. Attach your PDF to this email and address it to your Kindle’s personal email.
  4. Download in progress. Amazon will automatically convert your PDF into a Kindle format. Give the Kindle time to update and download your PDF from its servers. Then you’ll be able to read a PDF on your Kindle.

On a computer with an e-reader app:

This will upload the PDF from your computer to your e-reader app. Once it is added to the app, it should be accessible through your e-reader library on any device.

  1. Download the PDF
  2. In your files, right click on the PDF
  3. Click on the “open with” option
  4. Select your e-reader

On a smart phone or tablet with an e-reader app:

  1. Open the PDF on your internet browser
  2. Click the “share” icon (this is typically a box with an arrow coming out the top of it. On Google chrome, this is found in the right hand corner of the search bar/url space).
  3. Share to your e-reader app.

The Rev. Cn.
Heather Melton

Staff Officer for the United Thank Offering

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