United Thank Offering

Julia Chester Emery Icon – Second Edition Finished

June 1, 2022
United Thank Offering

by Heather Melton, UTO Staff Officer

One of the things that has been so very intersting about the Julia Chester Emery icon project is how each one and its process has been so very different. We continue to hear how the first image from Marcy Hall inspires and delights. Our second icon, created by Kristen Wheeler, was an interactive process, including a timelapse video to watch the process unfold. The icon, shown above, is finished and available in Kristen’s shop. You can have access to the image on all sorts of things, from greeting cards to candles or as a print to hang in your home. A big thank-you to Kristen for this amazing image of Ms. Julia. 

The next image of Julia Chester Emery is already complete and will be released as part of the UTO training day, so be sure to register as you’ll get several items featuring the next image in your swag mailer. 

The Rev. Cn.
Heather Melton

Staff Officer for the United Thank Offering