United Thank Offering

Lenten Materials Now Available

January 3, 2023
United Thank Offering

By Isabelle Watkins, UTO Staff 

This Lenten season, we’re inviting you to 40 Days of Gratitude. Unlike seasons past, this year our gratitude challenge will be completely digital in the form of daily text messages. If you sign up for our challenge with your mobile number, you will receive one text message every morning for the entirety of Lent. Each day the text will be a different prompt, encouraging you to notice and be grateful for something in your daily life. This year’s theme is Noticing and Giving Thanks for the Small Things in our Daily Life. Since we almost always have our phones close by, why not use it as a tool to practice gratitude?!  

Sign up here.

And after Lent is over, we promise not to spam you with texts! By entering your phone number, you will only be registered for our 2023 Lenten Challenge and will not receive any additional mobile correspondence.

For families, we are once again offering our countdown to Easter paper chains and UTO bunny boxes to hold all the notes of gratitude that your family creates each day of Lent. This is a great way to help children focus on gratitude during Lent and start the tradition of a Lenten discipline. For faith formation leaders, there is also a lesson plan that you can use to introduce the Lenten materials, create them in class together, and send them home with a letter to families.

The Rev. Cn.
Heather Melton

Staff Officer for the United Thank Offering

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