United Thank Offering

Update from the UTO Coordinator in Puerto Rico

October 25, 2017
United Thank Offering

Here in Puerto Rico, we are all trying to help one another. Puerto Rico is devastated but slowly picking itself up, thanks first to the Lord and to all those who have arrived to keep order and all the humanitarians who are helping. Electrical posts and cables are being restored, and the armed forces are directing traffic and trying to keep order along with our police. We still need prayers, especially to maintain patience and peace. Water is hard to come by, food as well. My experience is that it’s hard to just go to the supermarket. Lines are horrendous to purchase anything. I believe there’s electricity on about 12% of the island. What worries me most are the people who live so high up in the mountains. It is difficult for them to get around, their food supply is minimal, and their houses have been destroyed. Bishop Rafael Morales is working so hard and ensuring that all the communities have some help. He’s nonstop. My deepest thank you for your and everyone’s concerns and prayers.

For more information on the Diocese of Puerto Rico, please visit http://episcopalpr.org.

To donate to the Diocese of Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief, please visit http://www.gemn.org/donate-to-diocese-of-puerto-rico-hurricane-fund/.


Photo caption: UTO Board with the UTO Coordinators of the Diocese of Puerto Rico at the UTO Board meeting in May 2017

The Rev. Cn.
Heather Melton

Staff Officer for the United Thank Offering

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