United Thank Offering

UTO Crosses Now Available

January 3, 2018
United Thank Offering

At the last General Convention, many of you asked if UTO was going to create another cross for purchase. The UTO Board and staff wanted to make a cross that would be meaningful, reminding us of our deep roots and our wide reach through the grant process. After much discernment and much help along the way, we are pleased to announce that a new UTO cross is available for purchase at https://shima-of-navajoland.myshopify.com/collections/united-thank-offering beginning on January 9, the feast day of Julia Chester Emery. The cross comes in two sizes: 2 inches in length or 3 inches in length. The Celtic cross is a replica of the one that Ms. Emery chose to have in her home, in her office, and on her gravestone. Each cross is handmade in sterling silver by Lester James, a Navajo silversmith, honoring the decades of UTO grants (and countless UTO missionaries) in Navajoland. We currently have 15 of each cross available, and once those are sold, we will commission a second batch while continuing to take orders. We will also have the cross available for purchase or order at General Convention. These crosses make a wonderful gift to anyone who has led, supported, or organized UTO ministry and a wonderful keepsake for yourself, as well. Thank you for your support of this wonderful endeavor. We hope that you’ll love the UTO cross as much as we do!

The Rev. Cn.
Heather Melton

Staff Officer for the United Thank Offering

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