United Thank Offering

UTO Staff Updates: Welcome Michelle!

October 2, 2018
United Thank Offering

This month, we welcome a new associate staff officer for the United Thank Offering, the Rev. Canon Michelle Walker! The UTO Board and staff are so excited to have Michelle join us as we continue to find ways to promote UTO, support our members, and invite others onto the journey with us. Michelle will be part time with UTO and part time with the Diocese of Northern Indiana as the missioner for administration and communication. Michelle will support grant sites and UTO members, especially helping us continue to develop better communication tools. The main focus of her work will be promoting YAS Grants and UTO in seminaries and educational programs, as well as assisting the Board in its goal of better supporting and promoting UTO in Spanish and bilingual communities. Michelle is a longtime supporter and participant in UTO. She is the UTO coordinator for the Diocese of Northern Indiana and has worked with people in her diocese on UTO Grant applications and projects. I hope you’ll join me in giving Michelle a warm welcome! She can be reached at: 

Email: miwalker@episcopalchurch.org Be sure to add that “I” as we have a Melissa and Michelle Walker on staff and the I will make sure your email gets to the right place.

Phone: 212-716-6022

Please remember that she is part time, so you might not get a response right away, but her voicemail and email will let you know her office hours. As always, if it is a UTO emergency, please contact me directly!

The Rev. Cn.
Heather Melton

Staff Officer for the United Thank Offering