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Kindling Conference will engage wider vision for 21st century church

November 10, 2014
Young Adult and Campus Ministries

Guest blogger, Steve Mullaney, is the Missioner for Young Adult and College Ministry for the Episcopal Church in Minnesota and the Organizer for the University Episcopal Community at the University of Minnesota.

Join Me at the Kindling Conference, July 28-31

All around The Episcopal Church something new is happening with people in their 20s and 30s.

Service corps and intentional communities…online formation and offline bus trips…ministries involving food, community organizing, deep conversations and social justice.

The Kindling Conference, held July 28-31 in Minneapolis, will celebrate all of these exciting ministries and give you the tools and tactics you need to engage young adults in your context – both on and off college campuses.

Sparks do not become bonfires all at once – they need kindling to transfer a small burst of energy into a wider fire. In that spirit, the Kindling conference will gather these different sparks and ask attendees to be kindling in their own communities.

If you have worked alongside young adults for years, this conference is for you. If you are new to campus ministry/young adult ministry and are looking to get started, this conference is for you.

As the organizer of a campus ministry located on the University of Minnesota campus, I’m happy to welcome folks to Minneapolis in the summertime. We promise that all the snow will melt by late July. (I’m only slightly kidding.)

I’m looking forward to a conference filled with stories, sharing and friendship.

I hope you can make it. Register online here.

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The Rev. Shannon Kelly

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