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Meet our New Young Adult Service Corps Volunteers!

November 10, 2014
Young Adult and Campus Ministries

 “Our first task in approaching another people, another culture, another religion, is to take off our shoes, for the place we are approaching is holy. Else we may find ourselves treading on men’s dreams. More serious still, we may forget that God was here before our arrival.” – Max Warren, General Secretary of the Church Missionary Society (1942-1963)

Erika Almquist
Sending Diocese: Massachusetts
Mission Placement: Community Health Coordinator, Foundation Cristosal, Diocese of El Salvador

Kathleen Clark
Sending Diocese: Tennessee
Mission Placement: Paralegal and Counselor, Mission for Migrant Workers, Diocese of Hong Kong

Nicole Groome
Sending Diocese: Virginia
Mission Placement: Volunteer, Asian Rural Institute, Nippon Sei Ko Kai, Japan

Karen Langley
Sending Diocese: Oklahoma
Mission Placement: Volunteer, Itipini Community Project, Diocese of Mthatha, South Africa

An Ngo
Sending Diocese: Utah
Mission Placement: Assistant to the Bishop, Province of Mexico

Stephen Smith
Sending Diocese: California
Mission Placement: Assistant Teacher, Holy Cross School, Diocese of Grahamstown, South Africa

Katie Young
Sending Diocese: West Texas
Mission Placement: Teaching Assistant, Anglican Youth Center in Nagoya, Diocese of Chubu, Nippon Sei Ko Kai, Japan

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The Rev. Shannon Kelly

Director of Faith Formation and Officer for Young Adult and Campus Ministries

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