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New York, Here We Come! Rebecca Ogus

November 10, 2014
Young Adult and Campus Ministries

I am SO EXCITED to be going to the UNCSW.  This is not a new sentiment of EYA Delegates, I’m sure. But how can I not express it?  It’s an amazing opportunity, I’m so grateful to have it, I appreciate the contributions of everyone who is sending me.  Yes.

But really, it’s SO EXCITING!!!


Here are a few of the things I’m especially excited for:

Listening to all of the amazing people who will be at the CSW presenting and sharing and influencing the world around them.  I have so much admiration for the individuals who work towards ending oppression in general, and especially gender inequality.  Getting the chance to listen to what they have to say is incredibly valuable.  For one thing, it increases awareness, which is, I think, the first step to engagement with a movement.  It’s also encouraging to see all of the work being done to address the myriad and complex problems of oppression in the world today.  Listening to such a variety of experiences also creates an opportunity for solidarity across borders; it acknowledges the similarities and differences between struggles and begins a conversation about them.  Hopefully that conversation (this year on the empowerment of rural women and girls) will be continued by all of the attendants and observers present this year once they return to their points of departure.

Learning from my fellow EYA Delegates (hey y’all!).  I’m glad that we have each other going into what I’m sure will be an emotionally and intellectually exhausting (and depending on the weather it could be physically exhausting as well).  It’s nice to know I’ll have a support system throughout the week, and I’m excited to learn from their experiences and perspectives.  We’ll all bring something different with us, and take something different away, and by sharing the experience we get a little taste of all of it.

Meeting folks from the Ecumenical Community present at the CSW, especially other members of Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion.  A friend of mine went to last year’s CSW, and he’s told me so much about how amazing connecting with individuals from all of the groups was.  Hopefully, I’ll have a similar experience…

Travel safely, everyone, and see you in the city!

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The Rev. Shannon Kelly

Officer for Young Adult and Campus Ministries

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