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UNCSW 2010: Just the Facts (Digest Later)

November 10, 2014
Young Adult and Campus Ministries

by Keji Fatunde, Diocese of Michigan

Today and yesterday, I got to meet with each one of the delegates on their own terms. And it was amazing!!! It was really fulfilling and it is interesting to evaluate whether people are making a conscious effort to make you feel uncomfortable or take advantage of your vulnerability and I’m happy to say I was able to let my guard down significantly without getting punched in the face.

But first, my UN Experience for the day.

Since we spent the entire night last night prepping for the rap session at the side event today, Garrett and I were late to the sessions this morning and it kinda sucked as we were still a bit tired.

Well, we spent some time sharing flyers and finalizing plans then we departed for the Salvation Army Building for the event at 1pm.

A Rabbi, A Rapper, and a Radio Show Host was an event focused around the contextual use of media in a cultural context and challenging us to think critically about the stereotypical roles of certain professions in our immediate society.

The rap session by G-Quinn (Garrett Braaf) was kickin as he told his story of how he decided to get into positive rap music and then did a rap about “Transforming Lives”. Video to come!

It was the most amazing thing ever and Facia Harris (the radio show host) was awesome with her vivid portrayal of the plight of women in Liberia and how she organized her programming to further educate and bring awareness to said plight.

The Rabbi was female and gave examples of ways in which she was expected to fulfill her role as a rabbi the same way as a man would and what challenges she faced as one who wasnt the conventional face of a Jewish religious leader.

We also attended the debriefing of the CSW women and the ladies requested that he give them a rap to round up their session and it was very well received again! Sold out CDs. I am still impressed!

I apologize if I’m not re-analyzing a lot of the ideas and concepts learned in these sessions so far, but my goal is to gather all the facts here and then go home and digest all this info to the best of my ability. I am a philosophical person at heart, but the worst kind of analysis is that which is rushed both in processing and delivery. Alrighty!…

To meet the other delegates through Keji’s eyes, visit his blog.

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The Rev. Shannon Kelly

Officer for Young Adult and Campus Ministries and Camino Project Grant

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