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UNCSW 2011: Advancement?

November 10, 2014
Young Adult and Campus Ministries

by P’tricia Egbert, Diocese of Kentucky

Even though we have only been together for 24 hours, I am filled with ideas about what to discuss about my time with the Episcopal Young Adult Delegation. Today, the EYAD went to the Ecumenical Woman’s orientation and our time was filled with discussion, prayer and planning. During our morning liturgy, we discussed the question, who determines advancement? And despite mental time given to this question I am still without an answer…

At the Commission on the Status of Women, it is easy to drown in language. But in my mind, this should have been an easy question. I know the term ‘advancement’, I know what it means and how to use it. However, despite this knowledge, I can not connect it back to how social advancement is determined. In my mind, it would be a social advancement if all major cities provided easy, accessible and affordable public transit, but I am sure there are people that would disagree with me. 

So while I ponder this question, I invite other to ponder with me. To take a moment and analyze who in our society determines our advancement. Is it people who set public policy? Is it advertisers who tell us that we all need the newest phone to compete with our friends? Who? 

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The Rev. Shannon Kelly

Officer for Young Adult and Campus Ministries

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