Young Adult and Campus Ministry


October 23, 2018
Young Adult and Campus Ministries

“Voting and participation in our government is a way of participating in our common life
and that is a Christian obligation.”
-Presiding Bishop Michael Curry

The Faith Formation Department and the Office of Government Relations Episcopal Public Policy Network have teamed up to help you think about how to #VoteFaithfully and help others do the same. Check out our recent webinar

And, all of the fantastic information!

#VoteFaithfully Toolkit
En español “Herramientas para votar fielmente”:

Register to Vote

Get Ready to Vote

Find Where you Can Vote

Join Lawyers & Collars

The Office of Government Relations website

Join The Episcopal Public Policy Network

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Order the “I’m and Episcopalian and I Voted” Stickers
Write to Alan at for instructions.

Civil Discourse Curriculum

Search Episcopal Church Policies in the Archives of the Episcopal Church
You can search by keyword or resolution number for both General Convention and Executive Council policies. For General Convention: and Executive Council:

The Rev. Shannon Kelly

Officer for Young Adult and Campus Ministries and Camino Project Grant

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