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EYE'14: Hospitality and Logistics Team Report

November 6, 2014
Youth Ministries

Today we are fortunate to feature two reports from last week’s Hospitality and Logistics Committee of the Episcopal Youth Event Mission Planning Team. Rosanna Vizcaino (Diocese of the Dominican Republic, Province 9) presented the following youtube videos in both English and Spanish and Kayden Nasworthy (Diocese of Massachusetts, Province 1) submitted the written report.

Hey everybody!

My name is Kayden Nasworthy and I am a member of the Hospitality and Logistics Committee of the Episcopal Youth Event Mission Planning Team.

Last Wednesday, the Hospitality and Logistics group met via the internet in preparation for the whole Planning Team meeting this week.  Successfully utilizing the tools of technology and language translation, we were all able to touch base about what is currently going on.

First, we talked about some possible overall themes for the Episcopal Youth Event (EYE’14), and are excited that we are going to work the Five Marks of Mission into the event.  We came to the conclusion that the more Scripture we incorporate, the better, so we will definitely be talking about this with the large group at our next meeting.

Then, we talked about the proposed schedule for the event, specifically focusing in on the logistically-challenging days. We also heard a report from the Province 3 Youth Ministers meeting, including their deep concern that this year’s EYE’14 has the coolest shirts ever.  Don’t worry; we will definitely be able to handle that!

We also talked about when we have felt welcome in our own lives, and how we can welcome everybody to EYE’14. Our ideas for hospitality ranged from helping people carry luggage to being highly engaging, having high positive energy to having water bottles on hand, and being inclusive, but still allowing groups to rest and recuperate after traveling.  We are striving to make every single participant at EYE’14 feel welcome.

After recapping the meeting and closing in prayer, we parted ways.  Not for long though, as I am sure that every member of the Planning Team is looking forward to our meeting from the 10th to the 13th!

We ask for your prayers for all the members of the Planning Team, as we continue to define this  EYE and make it the best possible!

God Bless,


Canon Myra Garnes

Officer for Youth Ministries

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