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EYE'14: Liturgy and Music Team Report on Meeting 2

November 6, 2014
Youth Ministries

Hey everyone! My name is Joe Prickett, and I’m a part of the Liturgy and Music Team for the Episcopal Youth Event 2014 Mission Planning Team.

This past Monday, the Liturgy and Music Team came together once again via Google Hangout to dig a little deeper and ready ourselves for our meeting with the rest of the Mission Planning Team in October. Twenty-first century technology is so dang cool!

The first order of business was the application for the EYE House Band and other positions for musicianship, which is available to the public NOW online! If you or anyone you know may be interested in leading the EYE worship music or being involved in other musical roles, view THIS BLOG POST for more information and application instructions. We ask that anyone with an interest apply through this process so that all of the information and subject matter can be stored in one place. All Applications are due October 9, 2013.

We also brainstormed and researched names for discernment about who we would like to invite to preach and lead liturgically during EYE. We ask for prayers and good vibes as we pull together our list for the October full EYE Mission Planning Team meeting and beyond.

Lastly, we continued to discuss what the liturgy itself could look like and what sort of resources and direction we want to move forward with in order to create a unique, powerful, and spiritually enriching worship experience for everyone. We are working with and deliberating a large spectrum of ideas and possibilities, and we again ask for your prayers as we seek out the exciting vision for EYE’14.

I think I speak for the whole of the Mission Planning Team when I say that we are really thrilled for the possibilities and opportunities that EYE’14 has to offer.

Please keep praying for us, and with God’s help and guidance, we have the opportunity to create something truly remarkable.

God bless,


Canon Myra Garnes

Officer for Youth Ministries

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