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Faith Formation Academy to Offer Certification in Youth & Family Ministry

November 6, 2014
Youth Ministries

Today’s guest blogger is Randall Curtis. Randall is the Ministry Developer for Young Adults and Youth in the Episcopal Church in Arkansas. He also served as our resident tech expert at EYE11. Just last week, Randall was elected President of Forma.  He blogs at

When I started in youth ministry in Oklahoma City 18 years ago, I was 20 years old and a part-time youth minister.  With an average of four youth participating each week, I was a Sophomore in college working for pizza and gas money.  My qualifications for the job were that I was the youngest person around, enjoyed youth ministry as a teenager, and I said “yes.”  I had the heart and drive for youth ministry, but spent the first years making it up as I went. Looking back, sometimes it worked well and others, well, I am amazed I kept my job.

Now there is an fantastic opportunity for youth ministers who are new or for those who are looking to develop their skills. Forma, the network for Christian Formation leaders in The Episcopal Church, is holding the Faith Formation Academy with a Certification in Youth and Family Ministry.

This program is designed to help youth ministers develop skills in such areas as:

  • Creatively applying Scriptures, Theology, and the Episcopal tradition with teenagers,
  • Developing and marketing a sustainable youth ministry program,
  • Pastoral care for youth and families, and
  • Communicating with youth, parents, volunteers, and church leaders.

The Certification in Youth and Family ministry will consist of a one-week intensive October 19th-25th, 2014 at the Cabrini Center in Chicago as well as three months of online instruction and discussion before and after the intensive.  The certification will conclude at the 2015 Forma Conference Jan. 28th-30th in Houston, TX.  The total cost is $1,500 and includes lodging and food during the week long intensive, all online instruction, and a one year membership to Forma.

Joining me are experienced faculty from across the church, including:

  • The Rev. Shannon Kelly, Associate for Curriculum Development at Living Compass and Christian Formation Consultant,
  • Andrew Kellner Canon for Family and Young Adult Ministry in the Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania, and
  • Victoria Garvey Associate for Lifelong Christian Formation in the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago.

Forma is very excited to be partnering with ChurchNext, the Center for Ministry of Teaching at Virginia Theological Seminary and the Bexley-Seabury Federation on this project.

For more info such as the requirements and application go to Space is limited to 20 people.

Bronwyn Clark Skov

Officer for Youth Ministry