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February 17 is Episcopal Relief & Development Sunday

November 6, 2014
Youth Ministries

The first Sunday in Lent is Episcopal Relief & Development Sunday. This event – and others like them – offer perfect opportunities for youth to build their community leadership skills.

Episcopal Relief & Development offers support materials, including:

  • to help participating churches plan for this special Sunday, 
  • Storiesphotos and that illustrate the organization’s work, and
  • other Lenten materials that can be ordered through Episcopal Marketplace to help highlight the organization’s mission of healing a hurting world.

Creative ideas for recognizing Episcopal Relief & Development Sunday include:

  • offering Bishops Blend Coffee and Tea to educate your community on the importance of supporting growers of fair trade, organic, shade-grown coffee and tea, and
  • writing a special sermon or prayers focusing attention on the challenges of global poverty and disease.

Recent examples of how congregations have engaged creatively with issues of poverty and sustainable development during Lent and on Episcopal Relief & Development Sunday can be found in the following “Friends of Episcopal Relief & Development” features:

Congregations are encouraged to designate an offering for Episcopal Relief & Development’s Global Needs Fund, which enables the agency to reach those most in need worldwide.

Are you planning to sponsor an Episcopal Relief & Development Sunday activity?

Post your plans and ideas in the comments below.

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Bronwyn Clark Skov

Officer for Youth Ministry