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Five Marks of Mission Video Contest

November 6, 2014
Youth Ministries

How are you living the Marks of Mission?

Can you name the Five Marks?

In October on our old EpiscoYouth blog site we shared a video made by our Anglican sisters and brothers to the north in Ottawa, Canada. It was an effective tool for helping people grasp the idea of living the Marks of Mission.

In July 2009 our own Episcopal Church adopted the Five Marks of Mission as the priorities that should inform our budget process as we set priorities for church wide spending in the new triennium. You can learn more about the Five Marks and some of our ongoing efforts to life up stories of faith in action across the church by clicking through to our website here.

If you’re already up to speed on all of this and are ready to submit your story via video for the General Convention contest, here’s your click to shortcut straight to the submission process to “Make Your Mark.”

We can’t wait to see your witness!


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Bronwyn Clark Skov

Officer for Youth Ministry