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Introducing Wendy!

November 6, 2014
Youth Ministries

It’s no secret that we have a wonderful and capable social media director keeping the blogs rolling and the Twitter feed tweeting and the Facebook sites posting for all offices of the Formation and Vocation Ministries Team.

Wendy Johnson has been on contract part-time with us for the past six months helping to develop our media plan and to assist in covering the communications gap during our search for the new Missioner for Young Adult and Campus Ministry. As we launch into the new program year we felt it might be helpful for you to “meet” her more formally since we recently renewed her contract.

Wendy worked for the Youth Ministries office as consultant for all of the EYE’11 transportation logistics and 3 Days of Mission, and she compiled and produced the final report for the event.

Her interface with our in-house communications team is pretty seamless and we contracted her again to manage media and communications for the 2012 General Convention Official Youth Presence (GCOYP). She also compiled our team’s report on all of our General Convention 2012 activities including the GCOYP, Children’s Program, Young Adult Festival, and Youth Booth.

Wendy is mother of three and actively homeschools her youngest daughter as her two older sons are wrapping up their high school careers more rapidly than she desires. She and her husband travel when time and children permit. This past summer, Wendy won an award to travel to Poland with Holocaust survivor, Eva Kor, to develop curriculum to facilitate future pilgrimages of Christian youth groups to Auschwitz in the year 2015 (the 70th anniversary of the camp’s liberation). Watch the videos from the trip on her Vimeo channel.

A background in political science, passion and skill in youth and young adult ministry, combined with her curiosity and competence with social media make her an excellent match for the current needs of our team. She is a strategic thinker, a thoughtful editor, and an energetic worker. We couldn’t be more blessed to have her on board.

Please join us in thanking Wendy for sharing her passion and skills with us. She will be working with us on EYE again and looks forward to receiving guest blog posts and links to story ideas and resources from all of you.

Please help us grow our network by staying connected and pointing the way when you see the Spirit at work in the church, in our communities, and across the globe.

On behalf of the Formation and Vocation Ministries Team,

Bronwyn Clark Skov

Canon Myra Garnes

Officer for Youth Ministries