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More Info on 3 Days of Urban Mission

November 6, 2014
Youth Ministries

I’m excited today to share more information about 3 Days of Urban Mission, the mission immersion experience immediately following the Episcopal Youth Event (EYE’14).

3 Days of Urban Mission will be held July 13-16, 2014 at University of Pennsylvania. (EYE’14 will be July 9-13 at Villanova University.) Both 3 Days of Urban Mission and EYE’14 are being planned in partnership with the Diocese of Pennsylvania.

Other details:

  • 3 Days of Urban Mission will commence with a preparatory training and evening prayer service at 8 pm on Sunday evening, July 13.
  • 3 Days of Urban Mission will end on Tuesday, July 15 after a full day of work with dinner and an evening worship service. Travel home should be planned for Wednesday, July 16.
  • Lodging and evening dinners will be on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania in inner-city Philadelphia.
  • Following EYE’14, transportation to University of Pennsylvania will be provided for all 3 Days of Mission participants.
  • 3 Days of Urban Mission will deploy participants to Episcopal service sites across Philadelphia.
  • Exact deployments for 3 Days of Urban Mission will not be made until the event commences, however participants should expect to engage in hands-on labor, which might include everything from painting and hauling debris, to childcare and preparing meals.
  • Participants should bring work clothes, work gloves, and closed toe shoes.
  • The cost of 3 Days of Mission is $275, including 3 nights lodging, meals on Monday and Tuesday, breakfast “to go” on Wednesday morning, programming, and transportation.
  • This event is open only to EYE’14 participants.

With EYE’14 focused on the 5 Marks of Mission, it’s important to both understand the importance of mission and to experience mission. EYE’11 offered a similar mission immersion experience, which included more than 300 participants from across the Episcopal Church.

Delegations will register for 3 Days of Urban Mission online with EYE’14 registration. Participation is limited to 250, however, so registrars are encouraged to apply early.

More information about 3 Days of Urban Mission and EYE’14 is available in the EYE’14 FAQ.

Canon Myra Garnes

Officer for Youth Ministries