Youth Ministries

Praying: Across the Miles

February 10, 2015
Youth Ministries

Praying Across the Miles is one segment of a three – part series of resources for the armed service members called Across the Miles.  The Praying segment of the Across the Miles series focuses on faith formation opportunities for service members and their  families.

Devotions for Parents & Children Separated by Distance
This simple devotional provides weekly and special – occasion prayers for both parent and child. No matter where a parent is deployed, they and their children are saying the same  prayers at the same time. This resource has activities that allow users the opportunity to customize their devotional.

Devotions for Adult Family Members Separated By Distance

This devotional is to support service members and their loved ones who are confronted with separation due to deployment. This devotional is intended to assist those impacted by deployment as they face the life’s daily challenges, ever changing emotional  conditions, and spiritual challenges.

Canon Myra Garnes

Officer for Youth Ministries