Youth Ministries

Reaching: Across the Miles

February 10, 2015
Youth Ministries

There are four distinctive demographics of Episcopal congregations that might play a vital role in supporting spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of our troops. Although the needs are similar the way  a congregation responds to those needs varies on local logistics.

Next Door “Neighbors”: These are congregations that are located near a military installation within the United States.  The majority of the service personal will not be from the local community and will be serving a designated amount of time at this installation. Their family members may be living within the local community, however some, may remain home at their family’s place of origin.

Church Member Deployed: These are congregations that are not located near a military installation and have members or family members of their congregation deployed. They may be active full time, reservists or National Guard members serving in the United States or outside of the United States.  Some will be with their families, some may not. They may have access to a church community where they are deployed, or they may not.

“Support the Troops”: These are congregations which do not have military members or families within the community and are interested in participating in ministries which have a desire actively support our troops.

“On Foreign Soil”: These are Episcopal and Anglican congregations located outside the United States that may fall into one or more of the first three categories.

No matter what your congregational profile, we invite you to get involved with the Armed Services Ministry within your community. Our Episcopal brothers and sisters in the Armed Services are devoted Christians who serve our country so that all people may freely believe as they choose.

Canon Myra Garnes

Officer for Youth Ministries