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Report from EYE14 Liturgy and Music Committee

November 6, 2014
Youth Ministries

Hello all!

I am Lillian Hardaway from the Diocese of Upper South Carolina and I am honored to be serving on EYE14 Mission Planning Team. Specifically, I am serving on the Liturgy and Music Committee.  We are busily preparing for the Episcopal Youth Event (EYE14), which is coming up in just five short months!

The Liturgy and Music Committee has not seen each other in person since October and we have not had an online meeting for about a month and half because of the hectic schedule of our holidays.  Thankfully, we found time to meet and regroup via Google Hangout this past Wednesday.

We discussed the invitations that we sent out to preachers and presiders, talked about the space we will be worshiping in at Villanova this summer, and made a game plan for our meeting next week.  After our in-person Mission Planning Team meeting next week in New York, we hope to have the readings and Gospels we will be using throughout the event, and a more clear-cut idea of what we will be doing for our special service on Friday during EYE14.

We are all very excited to see each other again and to be working on this amazing event.  Please pray for the entire EYE14 Mission Planning Team as we gather together next weekend.

Pray especially for those of us, like me, who will not be used to the cold weather!

Canon Myra Garnes

Officer for Youth Ministries

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