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Saturday and Sunday at General Convention

November 6, 2014
Youth Ministries

by Cole Mayer
GCOYP Journalist

The weekend at general convention! Saturday/Sunday

Saturday morning at the Legislative session the resolution D045 was debated on the floor of the house of deputies. Through heated debate, the resolution was amended twice, which confused the House. The president called for a five minute break to figure out the debacle. Once called back to order it was then still confusing.

After lunch at Panera bread, we headed back to the floor for the long legislative to hear more on D045. After a while someone mentioned to have it  be put back to committee for further discussion; before coming back to the house of deputies. From there hopefully the amended form of d045 will be brought back quickly to the floor! The floor was split on weather or not to move it back to committee it’s was a 56 yes 46 no. D045 will see another day on the floor of the house of deputies. Normal legislation went on for the rest of the day until we were adjourned at 6:30.

We then split the group up some wanted to go to committee meetings and other didn’t have one to go to. The group that didn’t go to committee hearings went to Buca, which is an Italian food place where the portions are big that it’s meant for a family style serving. We all had five dishes of different Italian food! It was very ironic because we all sat in the pope room and we were all a bunch Episcopalians. After supper, we played a game of follow the leader, aka Bronwyn, to the hotel! Once at the hotel we talked about Sunday morning and then headed off to bed.

As the youth presence starts to become more and more exhausted, Sunday was a great day to kind of sleep in. We didn’t have any committee meeting to go to in the morning. So the extra sleep was widely needed.

Like every good Episcopalian,  we went to Sunday morning service which was at 9:30. This was the big service. Bishop Katharine was preaching and there was a huge choir.

After the service we all headed back to the hotel to change  from out church clothes to our fun and party clothes for there was a gathering at Victory Field across the street. At this gathering , the Diocese of Indianapolis invited us to have fun with different activities and an all you can eat buffet.

With lots to do we had only an hour and a half because we had session to attend at 2pm. After the session we split up from provinces and headed to our provincial meetings and dinners. Once back from the meetings some headed to the Latino gathering and some went to sleep.

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