Youth Ministries

Sunday Funday

November 6, 2014
Youth Ministries

by Marlene Rodriguez, Diocese of Puerto Rico
Official Youth Presence journalist

What a day for the youth presence. After a wonderful week at last it is Sunday. We went to worship and we had Patrick Melendez, one of our speakers reading and representing the youth. It was a beautiful worship and we enjoyed the presence of the holy spirit supporting.

After worship OYO went to the festival sponsored by the Diocese of Indianapolis Event, having a little fun between all this work and stress.

At night, we attended provincial gatherings and for Latinos there was a special gathering at the Downtown Marriot. Latinos of General Convention and young Latinos of General Convention like Nora Vinas, Arianna Gonzalez Bonillas, and Darling Ortiz, and myself, went to the Latinos gathering We had fun and we met really interesting people.

Next Tuesday, Ariana Gonzalez-Bonillas and Nora Vinas will be interviewed for New Generation Latino (NGL) where they will be sharing their stories to promote other NGL, let them know they are not alone and they have support in the Episcopal Church.

“You can do whatever you want; you just have to follow your dreams”.  Keep the Latinos in your prayers as we keep General Convention in ours.

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Canon Myra Garnes

Officer for Youth Ministries