The Moravian Church - Northern and Southern Provinces

In 1997 the General Convention established an official Episcopal-Moravian dialogue with the Moravian Church in America.  The first dialogue between Anglicans and Moravians took place in the 1740s, with the British Parliament officially declaring the Moravians "an antient Protestant episcopal church" in 1749.  In the 1980s and 1990s, the Church of England and the British Moravian Church engaged in a sustained theological dialogue, producing the Fetter Lane Common Statement in 1995.

The Episcopal Church-Moravian Church dialogue met from 1999-2007.  In 2003, the two churches entered into interim eucharistic sharing.  In 2009, the General Convention approved "Finding Our Delight in the Lord," a proposal for full communion between the two churches.  The Moravian Church approved the proposal in 2010 at its provincial synods.  A copy of the proposal, along with resources and additional materials, can be found in the resource section below.

The ELCA has been in Full Communion with the Moravian Church since 1999, the same year it entered into a Full Communion Relationship with the Episcopal Church.

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