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The Rev. Charles Hoffacker lives in Greenbelt, Maryland, with his wife, Helena Mirtova. He is the author of A Matter of Life and Death: Preaching at Funerals from Cowley Publications. Many of his sermons appear on

Sermons and Bible Studies

Waiting and Wonder, Advent 1 (A) – 2001

December 02, 2001

[RCL]: Isaiah 2:1-5; Psalm 122; Romans 13:11-14; Matthew 24:36-44 Today we find ourselves on the opening day of Advent. Let’s take a look at the patterns of life that this season offers us. In the name of God: Father. Son, and Holy Spirit.Looking around the church, we may well see the traditional signs of Advent: […]

Word Made Flesh, Christmas Day (III) – 2001

December 25, 2001

Let this sermon begin with an invitation. Lift your hand in front of your face, and look at it. The reason your hand exists, from one moment to the next, is the Word of God. The Word of God always has been and always will be. All things were made through this eternal Word, and […]

The Joy Known to God, Christmas Eve – 2001

December 24, 2001

Miss Manners would bury her head in shame! Miss Manners would hang her head in shame at the regrettable hospitality and gift-giving that appear in the Christmas story. Joseph returns to his old hometown. What takes him there is no pleasure jaunt, but a government census designed to increase income from taxation. No doubt this […]

When the Moment of Crisis Comes, Advent 4 (A) – 2001

December 23, 2001

The simple truth is this: none of us avoids a crisis. All of us have trouble in the course of our lives. Someone may appear to be always on top of the world, but this observation may only show that we do not know that person well. Take a man who is successful in business, […]

The Family Album, Proper 23 (C) – 2001

October 14, 2001

Today, let’s talk about family albums, including the one all of us share. In the name of God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. A prized possession for many families is their photo album. I am sure that many of us have photo albums, or collections of slides or videos, that are important to us. A […]

Entering the Unshakable Kingdom, Proper 16 (C) – 2001

August 26, 2001

Can you imagine what it’s like to experience an earthquake? I don’t mean a tremor that makes the china cabinet rattle — I mean an EARTHQUAKE that cracks streets, splits open houses, throws people to the floor, an earthquake where walls move, furniture slides, and you’re desperate to hang onto something solid. Can you imagine […]

The Power Continues to Flow, Maundy Thursday – 2001

April 12, 2001

Let me tell you about something that happened recently in an affluent community in North Carolina. The story comes originally from Irving R. Stubbs, a consultant in organizational leadership. There’s a big congregation in this community, the sort that’s called a “high steeple” church. The lay leaders of that church are also the power brokers […]

A True Story, Lent 4 (C) – 2001

March 25, 2001

The Gospel we just heard is sometimes called the ” Story of the Prodigal Son” or the “Story of the Two Sons.” I prefer to call it the “Story of the Forgiving Father.” This story asks each of us an important question: Will you go in? Will you go in to the feast of forgiveness, […]

The Question in the Gospel…, Proper 19 (B) – 2000

September 17, 2000

The question in the Gospel we just heard is aimed not just at Peter, but all of us. Let me offer my own answer, my answer to the question asked by Jesus, “Who do you say I am?” I declare that Jesus is king. He is king of all, but in particular he is my […]

For the Past Four Sundays, Proper 16 (B) – 2000

August 27, 2000

For the past four Sundays, we have listened to Jesus speak about himself as “the bread of life.” Today we hear the results of his teaching. Some of those listening to him there in the Capernaum synagogue begin to grumble. “This is more than we can stomach!” they say. “Why listen to such talk?” Many […]

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