Charles Hoffacker

The Rev. Charles Hoffacker lives in Greenbelt, Maryland, with his wife, Helena Mirtova. He is the author of A Matter of Life and Death: Preaching at Funerals from Cowley Publications. Many of his sermons appear on

Sermons and Bible Studies

The Power Continues to Flow, Maundy Thursday – 2001

April 12, 2001

Let me tell you about something that happened recently in an affluent community in North Carolina. The story comes originally from Irving R. Stubbs, a consultant in organizational leadership. There’s […]

A True Story, Lent 4 (C) – 2001

March 25, 2001

The Gospel we just heard is sometimes called the ” Story of the Prodigal Son” or the “Story of the Two Sons.” I prefer to call it the “Story of […]

The Question in the Gospel…, Proper 19 (B) – 2000

September 17, 2000

The question in the Gospel we just heard is aimed not just at Peter, but all of us. Let me offer my own answer, my answer to the question asked […]

For the Past Four Sundays, Proper 16 (B) – 2000

August 27, 2000

For the past four Sundays, we have listened to Jesus speak about himself as “the bread of life.” Today we hear the results of his teaching. Some of those listening […]

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