Office of Government Relations

Advocacy Internships and Fellowships

Join The Episcopal Church advocacy office as a policy intern and assist with our efforts to shape and influence U.S. policy and legislation while representing the positions of the church. You will gain proficiency in policy research and writing, comfort with faith-based advocacy through work with staff members on public policy, and acquire administrative skills necessary to succeed in any office environment.

Former intern testimonials are near the bottom of the page.


The intern will support engagement with government officials, in partnership with faith and secular coalitions; work to engage and mobilize Episcopalians in the Episcopal Public Policy Network and assist in writing and research for weekly action alerts and other online communication outreach; research and track crucial legislative initiatives around issues of poverty relief, immigration, the environment, international peace and justice, and more; attend committee hearings, think tank events, and other events in the Washington, D.C., policy community as needed.

Application Instructions:

Applicants, while not required to be Episcopalian, should be committed to representing positively and effectively the policy positions of The Episcopal Church. Additionally, they should possess strong research and communication skills, both oral and written. Click here for more information.

Materials required include:

  • Your resume
  • A cover letter
  • Two writing samples (1-3 pages)

Applications for the Summer internship and fellowship are being accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis. The deadline is February 25th. Please send application materials to

For questions, please write us at

Internship Windows:

  • Summer (late May/early June to mid-August)
  • Fall (mid-August to mid-December)
  • Spring (mid-January to mid-May)

Interns and fellows will receive a $1,750 stipend (internships may be eligible for academic credit subject to specific educational institution requirements)Internships are designed to be full time (M-F, 9-5pm ET); however, part-time positions may be possible on a case-by-case basis, with the stipend adjusted proportionally.

Past Intern Testimonials

“My time at OGR was truly rewarding. The internship afforded me the opportunity to work on substantial projects ranging from policy memoranda to formal letters to federal agencies. These undertakings sharpened my writing and communication skills in various contexts in a way that has proven invaluable in my subsequent endeavors. It was a privilege to be exposed to how public policy is formulated and the crucial role Episcopalians and faith communities play in influencing it. The staff at OGR are exceptional and were always constructive. I was honored to work alongside them as they advance a society that reflects Christ’s Second Great Commandment: to love our neighbors as ourselves.” Christian Omoruyi, Fall 2020

“Being an intern with the Office of Government Relations provided me with valuable hands-on experience in policy research and advocacy. Even though I worked remotely, the OGR created an environment that gave me the knowledge and the skills to dive into issue-driven research, track legislative initiatives, and present information concisely. Additionally, it was great to work with the OGR staff, who lived into the goal of educating, equipping, and engaging not just policymakers but also their more extensive network. Interning with the OGR prepared me to jump into my graduate program motivated and ready to advocate for policy areas I care about.” Martin Juarez, Summer 2021

“Prior to applying to the Office of Government Relations internship program, I was an undergraduate student nearing the completion of my studies, and I had only a vague idea of what I wanted to do after my graduation. At the conclusion of my time with OGR, I have a feeling of accomplishment and purpose as I approach the start of a graduate program in public policy. Throughout my time as an intern and fellow with OGR, my policy research skills have greatly improved, and I have gained invaluable experience in writing, advocacy, and collaboration. The staff of the Office of Government Relations worked closely with me to foster these skills, while still encouraging independent work on certain projects and policy areas to further promote my growth in public policy work.” Rachel Miner, Spring/Summer 2023

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