Office of Government Relations

The following is an ongoing list of Episcopal Church resources relating to the ongoing conflict in Gaza. It will be updated as further information and resources become available.

Call for a Ceasefire Now

We urge you to lift your voices and strongly urge the President and your representatives in Congress call for a humanitarian truce, as voted for by the United Nations General Assembly.

Help Save Lives in the Holy Land

We condemn in the strongest possible terms Hamas’s brutal and unjustified attack against Israeli civilians, and now we note with grave concern the catastrophic and worsening situation in Gaza. Please urge your members of Congress to push for the creation of a humanitarian corridor into Gaza to allow urgently needed food, water, medical supplies, and fuel to vulnerable people.

Events and Webinars

A Closer Look with Dean Richard Sewell, St. George’s College in Jerusalem – 12/12/2023

Archbishop Hosam in conversation with Presiding Bishop Curry – 11/21/2023

Statements from Faith Leaders

Faith Groups Letter to President Biden on Rafah – 4/30/2024

Executive Council: Resolution on Gaza – 4/20/2024

Archbishop of Canterbury voices concern at Israeli arrest in West Bank – 4/16/2024

Patriarchs and Heads of Churches in Jerusalem Easter Message – 3/27/2024

More than 140 global Christian leaders call for Gaza cease-fire in Holy Week letter – 3/26/2024

International Rescue Committee: Joint NGO Submission under National Security Memorandum 20: The State of the Humanitarian Response in Gaza – 3/23/2024

Archbishop of Canterbury’s statement on famine risk in Gaza – 3/21/2024

Archbishop of Canterbury’s statement after meeting with Revd Fadi Diab – 3/15/2024

Patriarchs and Heads of Churches in Jerusalem Statement on The Recent Attack On Crowds Gathering To Receive Humanitarian Aid – 3/1/2024

Episcopal Church Statement on Deaths of Civilians Seeking Aid in Gaza – 3/1/2024

CMEP Calls on US Government to Hold Israel Accountable to US Laws and for the Deaths of American Citizens – 2/23/2024

National Coalition Urges President Biden to Restore UNRWA Funding to Aid Palestinians – 2/14/2024

Episcopal Church Statement on Al-Ahli Arab Hospital – 12/22/2023

Christmas Message of the Patriarchs and Heads of Churches in Jerusalem – 12/21/2023

Statement from the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem on the killings at Holy Family Parish in Gaza – 12/16/2023

Archbishop in Jerusalem addresses Synod with call for ceasefire and plea for peace in Israel and Gaza – 11/13/2023

Letter from Christian Leaders to President Biden – 11/13/2023

Presiding Bishop Michael Curry on 10,000+ dead in Gaza: Stop the killing – 11/7/2023

Statement from the Church of England’s House of Bishops on the war in Gaza – 10/31/2023

Pope Francis calls for a ceasefire in the Holy Land – 10/29/2023

Archbishop of Canterbury’s speech in Lords debate on Israel and Gaza – 10/24/2023

Patriarchs and Heads of Churches in Jerusalem Host the Archbishop of Canterbury and Collectively Call for Restraint, De-escalation of Violence, and Protection of Civilians – 10/21/2023

The Patriarchate of Jerusalem Condemns Israeli Airstrikes Targeting Humanitarian Institutions in Gaza – 10/20/2023

World Council of Churches condemns attack on building adjacent to St Porphyrios Greek Orthodox Church in Gaza – 10/20/2023

Statement by Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land on the Airstrike Destruction of St. Porphyrios Greek Orthodox Church in Gaza – 10/20/2023

Archbishop of Canterbury arrives in Jerusalem for pastoral visit to Anglican church – 10/19/2023

Primates, bishops and synods from across the Communion react to the Israel-Hamas war – 10/19/2023

Pope calls for world day of prayer for peace as catastrophe looms in Gaza – 10/18/2023

Archbishop of Canterbury statement on the bombing of al-Ahli Hospital – 10/18/2023

Presiding Bishop Michael Curry calls church to prayer following attack on Anglican hospital in Gaza – 10/17/2023

Patriarchs and Heads of Churches in Jerusalem Statement on the Victims of the Bombing of al-Ahli Hospital – 10/17/2023

Office Government Relations Action Alert: Help Save Lives in the Holy Land – 10/17/2023

Interfaith Leaders Join Call for Ceasefire in Israel and Occupied Palestinian Territory – 10/16/2023

Patriarchs and the Heads of Churches in Jerusalem Statement on the Escalating Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza – 10/13/2023

Partner Resources

American Friends of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem – (AFEDJ) is dedicated to raising financial support for schools, hospitals, and centers for children with disabilities in Palestine, Israel, Jordan, and Lebanon. The Christian values of equity, justice, and respect for the dignity of all are at the heart of their efforts.

Support of the Episcopal Relief & Development Middle East Fund will help address immediate and long-term needs created by the Israel-Hamas war.

Palestinian Anglicans & Clergy Allies – Palestinian Anglicans & Clergy Allies (PACA) is a grass-roots organization of Palestinians – both living in the land of Palestine and in the diaspora – who are members of the Anglican Communion worldwide, and the ecumenical alliance of clergy and seminarians who support them.

Churches for Middle East Peace – (CMEP) is a coalition of more than 30 national church communions and organizations in Catholic, Orthodox, Anglican, Protestant, and Evangelical traditions. CMEP works to mobilize U.S. Christians to embrace a holistic perspective and to be advocates of equality, human rights, security, and justice for Israelis, Palestinians, and all people of the Middle East.

World Council of Churches Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel Easter Initiative

Social Media

Facebook page for Archbishop Hosam Naoum of the Anglican Province of Jerusalem and the Middle East

Facebook page for the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem

Episcopal Church News and Press Releases

Episcopal Relief and Development Responding to Israel-Hamas War – 10/19/2023

Episcopal News Service article: “Deadly blast at Anglican hospital in Gaza was ‘crime against humanity,’ archbishop says” – 10/18/2023

Episcopal News Service article: “Anglican hospital among facilities struggling to respond to growing humanitarian crisis in Gaza” – 10/16/2023

Episcopal News Service article: “Christian leaders call for end to violence after Hamas’ attack ignites new war with Israel” – 10/10/2023

The Episcopal Church calls for Prayers for Peace in the Holy Land – 10/7/2023


A Litany for the Holy Land – 10/14/2023, Written by The Rev. Leyla Kamalick King, a Palestinian-American priest based in Texas: 

God of Love, you created all people as one family and called us to live together in justice, harmony, and peace.

Surround us with your love as we pray for the Holy Land.  Lord, in your mercy,
God of Righteousness, who demands that our worldly governors take up their responsibility to protect those in their charge and uphold the dignity of all human beings, pour your wisdom into the leaders of this world [especially Benjamin Netanyahu, the leaders of Hamas, and Joe Biden].  

For all who bear such responsibility, that they may put the good of the whole over their own greed for power, Lord, in your mercy,

God of Compassion, who even in the darkest times, shows us your path: we give you thanks for all those who in the face of crisis wrought by evil-doers, work to help the helpless, to hold out hope to the desolate, to speak for the voiceless and to bring understanding and knowledge to a world darkened by ignorance and hate.

For our siblings who risk much to aid others, that their actions may be successful, and their words may be heard, Lord, in your mercy,

God of Mercy, who binds up the wounds of those who suffer, bless the victims of the consequences of fear and hate in the last week and over the past 75 years of conflict in the Holy Land: those injured and traumatized, those bereaved and grieving, those held as captives and prisoners, those who face deprivation and desperation because of systems of violence and oppression, so that they may move forward in this life standing firm in your truth and avoiding the temptation of vengeance.

For all whose lives are forever marked by suffering, that they may be blessed with the hope of your presence, Lord, in your mercy,

God of Life, whose faithfulness to us is never-ending, we remember before you those who have died by the violence that has become shockingly routine in your Holy Land; receive them into your heart where they may know the peace and joy of eternal life in you.

For all who have died, that they may rest in that place where pain is no more, Lord, in your mercy,

God of Justice, who calls us to uphold the dignity of every human being, every child of this earth, beloved of you: empower your Church to help you heal this terrible cycle of violence and revenge; give us courage to rise above our fear that nothing can be done in the face of the conflict and chaos of our own creating; grant us the conviction to advocate for change and to work for the establishment of your peace, your shalom, you salaam, in this broken world.

For your dream of justice and peace on earth, and for us, that we may take up your call to build it, Lord, in your mercy,

All this we pray in the name of the One who offered his life so that we might live, Jesus Christ. AMEN.

The Office of Government Relations