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Activating Your August Advocacy

July 27, 2016
Office of Government Relations

Speak out about a number of important issues this August!

Although Congress is out of session until early September, the August recess is a time when your members may be more accessible than ever. Many members travel back to their home states or districts and may be available for in-person advocacy meetings. Back in Washington, DC, congressional staff can use their lighter schedule to focus on responding to your advocacy messages. As this year is an election year, you can also use the August recess to focus your efforts on electoral and town hall engagement. Below, our EPPN team has compiled several suggestions to help you make the most of your August advocacy.

We encourage you to use our Faith and Citizenship guide (available in English here and Spanish here) to assist you as you schedule meetings with members of Congress, attend a town hall, and speak out to your community and the media about these important issues! 

Lobby for the Sentencing Reform Act of 2015! Speaker Paul Ryan has said that the House will take up criminal justice reform legislation this September. Consider arranging a meeting with your member of Congress in-district to advocate for this critical legislation.

Advocate for refugees. Speak out for the need for increased funds to ensure local communities have the resources they need to help refugees integrate and thrive. Consider calling your member of Congress, meeting with them in-district, or organizing a Refugees Welcome event.

Advocate for the Genocide and Atrocity Prevention Act. Let your senator know that you support efforts to prevent genocide and mass atrocities around the world. When talking to your senator, ask him or her to co-sponsor the Genocide and Atrocity Prevention Act, a piece of legislation that will ensure our government has the tools and resources needed to promote peace and protect civilians.

Enage in the electoral process. Check out the #EpiscopaliansVote election engagement toolkit here to learn more about engaging the 2016 election as an Episcopalian. 

How are you #advocating this August? Share your stories with us at!

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