Office of Government Relations

Aid to Palestinians

February 5, 2019
Office of Government Relations

In 2018, Congress passed the Anti-Terrorism Clarification Act (ATCA), which updated several elements of the Anti-Terrorism Act. One consequence of this legislation is that it is preventing Palestinians from receiving U.S. government assistance, including humanitarian aid. We must urge Congress to find a solution so that the Palestinian people can continue to receive life-saving assistance!

The U.S. provides critical humanitarian support to the Palestinian people through a variety of funding mechanisms, including NGOs and civil society organizations, as well as in partnership with the Palestinian Authority. As a result of ATCA, those organizations will no longer receive U.S. funds, despite the dire humanitarian needs. The East Jerusalem Hospital Network – including the St. John Eye Hospital, the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem’s Princess Basma Rehabilitation Centre, and the Lutheran Augusta Victoria Hospital – are still suffering from the effects of last year’s cuts, and they will not be able to continue to provide life-saving care unless funding resumes. NGOs such as Catholic Relief Services have been forced to close offices and stop providing services such as food assistance. ATCA has also resulted in the end of security assistance funding for Palestinians, which is of great to concern to Israeli and Palestinian security.

Congress must find a way for humanitarian aid to reach the Palestinians again; reach out to Congress, and ask them to make this change!

The Office of Government Relations