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Congress is out for summer! 

July 31, 2023
Office of Government Relations

This post is about recess! No, not the kind in the school yard with swings and jungle gyms, but the Congressional kind when Congress is not in session. Many members return to their homes for “district work periods.” The August recess is one of the longest blocks of time this occurs, and many members will set up local events to engage with constituents like you while they’re home.  

This August, check to see if your members are having any local town halls, office hours, coffee shop meet and greets, or other events much closer to you than when they are working in D.C. Head to your Congressperson’s website to learn what events they are hosting and attending! These can be great opportunities to ask questions, voice your perspective, or simply get to know them and the staff supporting their offices. Don’t underestimate the opportunities here—we know Episcopalians who have been the only people to show up at a recess event and spent considerable time conversing with their elected officials. 

You can also try to set up your own meetings with them by reaching out to their district office and working with their scheduler. Remember to send any invites or meeting requests in advance as your representative is likely to have a busy schedule during the time they are in your district. To help you prepare for your meeting and to learn more tips for effective advocacy, check out our Faith and Citizenship Guide to effective advocacy. We also have this SAMPLE guide to an effective meeting.

Not sure what to talk about during your meeting? Use one of our Action Alerts to guide your time with them, bringing the alert message you’d send by email to them in person. 

Able to connect at an August recess event? Let us know about it afterward by writing to us at or via dm on Facebook and Instagram! 

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