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Earth Day: How the U.S. federal government can help you and your church

April 16, 2024
Office of Government Relations

In 2022, the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) was signed into law. This is the most significant climate bill passed since the 1970s and there are many ways you can utilize this law to help care for creation. The Episcopal Church has been in support of efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions for over 20 years. IRA is a massive investment to help the United States lower its greenhouse gas emissions, and churches, dioceses, as well as individuals can now benefit from it. Whether you are looking to improve energy efficiency, install solar panels, or something else, the recently launched Direct Pay program can help. It allows tax-exempt institutions like churches to access federal funds for clean energy projects. For more information and to see how your diocese or church may benefit, check out these resources from Interfaith Power & Light:

Direct Pay 101: Federal Solar Funding for Houses of Worship
PowerPoint Slides from the webinar

IRS websites:
Elective Pay Overview
Clean Vehicle and Energy Credits
Elective Pay and Transferability

Pre-Registration User Guide
FAQ Document

EESI Direct Pay for Nonprofits fact sheet is available on their website

Federal Agencies
White House Direct Pay/Clean Energy
Department of Energy: Federal Solar Tax Credits for Businesses

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