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Environmental Advocacy Resources

August 12, 2022
Office of Government Relations

August recess presents a good opportunity to reach out to your Congressional members and see if you can arrange an in-district visit. You can also continue to email or call Congressional offices, and continue your advocacy during this time.

Please find advocacy resources below. Many of these are directed at the environment and climate-focused advocacy, but we hope you find them useful for all issues during this Congressional cycle and for those to come!

General Advocacy Resources:

Faith and Citizenship Guide

Advocacy Meeting Guide – can be adjusted for a one-on-one meeting

OGR Environmental Action Alerts:

Thank Congress for Passing the Inflation Reduction Act

Urge Congress to Pass Ambitious Climate Change Legislation

Tell Congress to Help Stop Illegal Deforestation

Urge Congress to Pass the THRIVE Act

Support the Farm System Reform Act

Protect the Arctic Refuge

Tell the Senate to Help Wildlife Recover

Protect Oak Flat from Mining

Episcopal Church Resources:

List of General Convention Resolutions on the Environment

The Episcopal Church Department of Reconciliation, Justice and Creation Care

Creation Care Advocacy

Partner Organizations:

Creation Justice Ministries

EcoAmerica and Blessed Tomorrow

Interfaith Power and Light – chapters around the country


National Religious Partnership for the Environment

Inflation Reduction Act Analysis

Volts podcast

Brookings Report: The climates bill’s oil and gas provisions are a worthwhile tradeoff

Summary of the Climate Provisions in the IRA

Additional Resources and Further Reading on Climate:

UNEP: Why Faith and Environment Matters

PBS: Global Weirding with Katherine Hayhoe

Climate Change, Climate Church: How People of Faith Must Work for Change by Jim Antal

Saving Us by Katherine Hayhoe

Rooted and Rising: Voices and Courage in a Time of Climate Crisis by Leah D. Schade

A Bigger Picture: My Fight to Bring a New African Voice to the Climate Crisis by Vanessa Nakate

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