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Episcopal Church Statement on the Asylum and Border Policy Announcement

January 9, 2023
Office of Government Relations

Updated 2/22/2023

This year, the Biden Administration announced several changes to its immigration policy: a new program to allow for legal entry through humanitarian parole for nationals of certain countries, expanded use of Title 42 expulsions to Mexico for those who arrive outside of this program, and a rule to block access to asylum to most individuals who fail to either preschedule an appointment through a phone application or seek protection in another country on their way to the United States.

It is important that the United States provide the opportunity for those in need to make their case for protection. The Episcopal Church has long affirmed the universal right to seek asylum, which is required by our country’s immigration law. The U.S. government, including non-profit partners, must work to improve safe and orderly access to asylum rather than putting migrants in danger. We are dismayed by these changes, even as we recognize the challenges in addressing a high level of arrivals at our southern border. We urge Congress to pass legislation with comprehensive policies to improve both our asylum system and our immigration system at large.


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