Office of Government Relations

Episcopal Church Statement on Ukraine – One Year Later 

February 24, 2023
Office of Government Relations

February 24th marks the one-year anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Thousands of people have died, with many more being injured or displaced as a result of this war. We lament the loss of life and the human suffering this conflict has caused. Last year, the 80th General Convention of The Episcopal Church passed a resolution calling for the cessation of conflict in Ukraine and encouraged “good-faith negotiations in which Ukraine’s sovereignty and security are assured”.  

The war in Ukraine has caused an extensive humanitarian crisis both in and outside the country. As the war enters a second year, it will be imperative for the U.S. government and others in the international community to continue providing financial and material resources to address humanitarian needs caused by this war. The recent humanitarian appeal for Ukraine calls for $3.9 billion that’s needed to provide food, healthcare, and other life-saving assistance to 11.1 million people. During his remarks to the United Nations Security Council, Martin Griffiths, the United Nation’s Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator, called on “us all to push forward with renewed vigour to give the people of Ukraine the peace and support they need and deserve.” The Office of Government Relations will continue to advocate for humanitarian assistance for the people of Ukraine and for a constructive resolution to the conflict as well as in other areas of violence and deprivation.

A Prayer from Rev. Canon C.K. Robertson, Canon to the Presiding Bishop:

Gracious God, we thank You for being with us in the midst of our joys and celebrations, but even more for being with us in times of sorrow, risk, pain, and hurt. We pray today that You would continue to strengthen, uphold, and protect all those people whose lives have been upended and forever changed as a result of the violence that has occurred in this past year in Ukraine. We pray that they would sense not only Your presence but also the love and prayers that surround them and are around them from all of us across the globe. We pray, too, that You would, indeed, raise up – continue to raise up – faithful prophets who will speak to the situation, mediators who will continue to build bridges where possible, and that you would turn the hearts of those whose hearts are hardened to come to a place of peace. Gracious God, we give You this time, as we come to You knowing that, while we cannot do everything, we seek to do what we can do. So be not only with those for whom we pray, but also for us who pray, that we may find many ways that we can actively, continually support those who are in such dire need. We thank You for being with us in these incredibly difficult times and look to You – the God of all. Amen.  

The Office of Government Relations