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EPPN Alert: What Should Immigration Reform Look Like? Tell your Representative Today

December 3, 2013
Office of Government Relations

With only a few days left in the legislative calendar and House leadership stating that they will not address immigration reform this year, now is the time to contact your Representative and tell them exactly what type of immigration reform you would like to see.

There have been several proposals introduced in the House since the S. 744 passed the Senate this summer, and an amended version of S. 744 has gained bipartisan support in recent weeks. However, no clear legislative vehicle has emerged, creating the space for debate to continue and better proposals to emerge. So, make your voice heard!

Call, 1-800-270-0309, or email your Representative TODAY to let them know that you, as an Episcopalian and their constituent, would like to see immigration reform that honors and protects family unity, offers a pathway to citizenship, upholds our nation’s commitment to welcoming refugees, and enforces our immigrant laws in a proportional and humane manner. Then, ask your Representative what they plan to do in the upcoming weeks and months to make reform a reality.

Our fight to make our nation one that truly welcomes the stranger will be far from over when an immigration bill passes. However, continuing to educate our decision makers and our neighbors about both the important roles our immigrant brothers and sisters play in our lives and our communities and the injustices of our immigration system will help move us forward towards the justice we seek.

If you are sending an email or a letter, please feel free to use or adapt the text below.

Thank you for your inspiring work, each and every day, and your commitment to justice.



Dear Representative,

I write you today as an Episcopalian and a constituent in support of comprehensive and humane immigration reform. Every day, in communities across the country and in our community, members of Episcopal congregations engage in the ministry of welcoming immigrants and refugees, walking with them as they begin their new lives in our communities. Through this ministry, we bear daily witness to the human implications of our nation’s broken immigration system. 

Because of this witness, I cannot stand by silently as families are torn apart by enforcement actions, children without status are barred from access to legal status, and millions across the country are relegated to the shadows.

That is why I ask you to join me today in support of immigration reform that:

-Protects and upholds the unity of families

-Offers a fair and timely pathway to citizenship for undocumented community members

-Reforms our enforcement policies so that they are humane, proportional, and respect the dignity of every human being

– Upholds our nation’s commitment to welcoming refugees, asylum seekers, and other vulnerable migrants

Our communities and our country deserve a solution to our broken system that protects our borders while upholding our tradition as a nation that welcomes the integrity, ingenuity, and contributions of immigrants. I ask today that you join me in pursuit of that solution.

Thank you for your service.




The Office of Government Relations