Office of Government Relations

Recent Sign-On Letters

September 21, 2017
Office of Government Relations

Check out this brief list of some of our recent sign-on letters–a method of advocacy we use often in coalition with other organizations and churches.

Recent letters include:

  • Support of the State Department’s Office of Religion and Global Affairs
  • Anti-torture letter to then President-Elect Trump
  • BRIDGE Act letter to Congress
  • Religious Freedom Occupied Palestinian Territories
  • Texas State Speaker Straus on the “bathroom bill” 
  • Protect Base and OCO levels for FY2018 International Affairs Budget
  • Ecumenical Declaration: Protecting Welcome, Restoring Hope (refugees)
  • Letter to President Trump on clean water, Executive Order on Clean Water Rule
  • Episcopal Church Response to the American Health Care Act
  • Keeping the Johnson Amendment
  • The Justice Declaration on Criminal Justice Reform

-An excerpt from our EPPN Summer Newsletter

The Office of Government Relations