Racial Justice, Healing and Reconciliation Resources

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Justice and Action


106 Things White People Can Do for Racial Justice
A regularly updated page with resources for white people committed to long-term work for racial justice

Becoming Beloved Community Where You Are
A resource for individuals, congregations and communities seeking racial healing and justice (see p. 8)

Contact your federal, state and local officials
Assistance with contacting federal, state, and local elected leaders

Equal Justice Initiative
Addressing mass incarceration, excessive punishment, and racial inequality. Includes the Legacy Museum and a national memorial for victims of lynching and racial terror.

Office of Government Relations
Washington, DC-based office managing Episcopal advocacy and action at the federal level

Episcopal Public Policy Network
Network connects Episcopalians and urges advocacy for federal legislative change 

Resources for Advocacy
Episcopal Church policies, tips for communicating with elected officials, voter engagement and more

Episcopal Social Justice and Engagement Team
Connecting and mobilizing Episcopalians to move “from the pews to the public square” around racial, economic and climate justice

From the Pew to the Public Square
Resource for moving our faith to the streets

Protesting Faithfully: The Episcopal Street-Action Handbook
Resource for serving as “protest chaplains” and faithful companions in the struggle for justice

What Does Love Do?
A brief guide to following the Way of Love in the midst of uncertainty, loss and pandemic

Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) including Map of Hate Groups by State and Localities

Tips for How to Establish and Run a White Caucus Group
By Craig Elliott, to assist people who identify as white and/or have white skin privilege in doing their shared work

Criminal Justice Reform

Eight proposals for police departments to increase public safety and trust

A documentary film by Ava DuVerny, examining the U.S. prison system, racial inequality and mass incarceration

Episcopal Public Policy Network: 9 Actions on Police Reform

General Convention and Executive Council Resolutions
– 2018-A229: Acknowledge Police Violence and Confront Racism
– 2018-B024: Urge Alternatives to Deadly Force by Police and Support Training in Mental Health Crisis Intervention

New Era of Public Safety
A guide to fair, safe, and effective community policing

Punished: Policing the Lives of Black and Latino Boys
Book: Victor Rios 

The Science of Justice: Race, Arrests, and Police Use of Force
Provides national-level data and analyses on police behavior, with a focus on racial disparities 

Witness: See it. Film it. Change it.
Helps people use video and technology to protect and defend human rights

The Church, Policing, and Black Lives
Video: Gayle Fisher-Stewart 

To Serve and Protect: The Police, Race, and the Episcopal Church in the Black Lives Matter Era
Article: Gayle Fisher-Stewart

Responding to Racist Violence