A Christian Discipleship Experience

Centered is a discipleship series guiding small gathered communities to get deeply rooted in love with God and one another, so that we all may grow to look, act, and love more like Jesus. The experience includes an initial three-session training for group facilitators, followed by nine core sessions during which church members, neighbors, and friends gather to share a meal and grateful prayer; view two short films, discuss questions about God, belonging, and living a meaningful life; and support for each other in committing to intentionally follow Jesus and his Way of Love.

The full Centered series consists of nine sessions that can be led in 60-, 90-, or 120-minute increments, in-person or over a digital platform. Each session features video content hosted by a diverse team of leaders, lay and ordained, from across The Episcopal Church.

The themes of the nine sessions are:
Meeting Jesus and Each Other
Meeting Jesus and Sharing Life in Small Groups
Following Jesus as a Way of Life
Loving God Like Jesus
Loving Neighbors & Strangers like Jesus
Loving Other Disciples like Jesus
Loving Ourselves like Jesus
Creating a Sustainable Rule of Life
Looking, Acting and Loving Like Jesus…Together

This offering is made possible through the work of The Episcopal Church, in collaboration from colleagues throughout the Anglican Communion, with a grant from the United Thank Offering. For more information, please contact Jerusalem Greer, staff officer for evangelism.


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