New Episcopal Communities

Celebrating another new ministry!

October 25, 2017

We are inspired by the new ministry called Table 229 – supported by the Episcopal Church in Minnesota. Jennifer McNally originally started this as a “mission enterprise zone” for those who weren’t necessarily going to attend a traditional church service – people who would identify as spiritual but not religious. Since then, she and her leadership team have discerned that this initiative is emerging as a worshipping community with a public presence.

Though their original vision remains, as the team worked through the specific details of “what” it would take to craft a concrete action plan, they realized that the “what” might look very different for different people. That which one person would find meaningful and fulfilling might not be so, for someone else. As Jennifer describes it, “… slowing our pace and taking a step back to view the larger picture, we realized that trying to find the specific ‘what’ for such a broad range of people might be the wrong outcome to seek. Instead, we shifted our focus to one of providing opportunity. We re-worked our mission statement to: ‘Offering time, space, and community for seeking the divine.’ The learning to come from this is the realization that Table 229 is a container: what goes into it, and what comes out of it, is up to those involved.” The video says it all. Please keep Jennifer and this beautiful ministry in your prayers!