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So far in the 2019-2021 Triennium, the Task Force on Church Planting and Redevelopment has partnered with the following ministries through NEC Grants:

Abundant Life Health & Wellness, North Carolina
A multi-cultural community in Northeast Greensboro of prayer, solidarity and worship that seeks to be agents of healing, liberation and repairers of the breach.  

All Souls Episcopal Church, Central Florida
All Souls is an Anglo-Catholic, parish-led church plant in the Horizon West community of Orange County, FL.

Beloved in the Desert, Arizona
An Episcopal Service Corps Program that discerning its call to develop a multi-generational, socio-economically diverse community. 

Bethany House and Gardens, Kansas 
Discerning a new servant community on church-owned property through deep listening and developing neighborhood partnerships.

Between the Bridges, Central Gulf Coast 
Discerning a cluster of new ministries in the Panama City Beach area to address unmet needs related to community and developing strong lay leadership.

Center for Mission and Ministry, Kansas
A dynamic association of ministries under one roof that unite, enrich, engage, nurture and inform residence of our bi-lingual, multicultural neighborhood.

Chaplains on the Harbor, Olympia
A group of chaplains who seek to build a freedom church of the poor by pastoring, organizing and empowering the leadership of poor people in Grays Harbor County.

Christ’s Beloved Community, North Carolina
An intercultural, bi-lingual, Episcopal-Lutheran community valuing discipleship outside the church walls, neighborhood development, and becoming Beloved Community.

Christ the Healer
Discerning a new church start in Post Falls, Idaho, that would launch with vigorous commitment to the widely inclusive healing and evangelizing mission of Jesus that is at the heart of the Gospel of Luke.

Church at Crossroads, Michigan
A church plant housed inside a social service agency, which follows God into the lives of people who live in this urban neighborhood of Detroit.

Church of the Beloved, Oregon
A contemplative, intentional, sacramental and intercultural community that seeks to become beloved community together through Jesus Christ.

Church of the Epiphany, Georgia
A church plant without walls, located in Savannah, that was created as an opportunity for the Church to meet God’s people where they are.

Community Outreach Center, Central Gulf Coast
Discerning the possibility of a community outreach center in Mobile, AL that would seek to connect people across cultural boundaries and foster community through efforts to live out the Greatest Commandment to love God and love our neighbors as ourselves. 

CRECHE, Massachusetts
A network of intentional communities – faith-rooted, mixed-income and multi-generational in which members live like families and order their lives according to a common rule, sharing common meals, rhythms of prayer and acts of service.

Edible Hope, Olympia
Discerning a dinner church community that would branch out from St. Luke’s existing Edible Hope Kitchen.  The mission is to feed the souls of those hungry for love, compassion and the hope of Jesus Christ, while physically assisting in feeding those hungry for food, community and warmth.  

Freeport Way of Love, Central Gulf Coast
A missional experiment taken on by three parishes, that hopes to develop missional leadership and engage a new community that does not currently have any Episcopal presence.

Gathering on Main Street, Fort Worth
A vision to re-develop two city blocks to include multi-use worship and community gathering space, workforce housing, a community arts center, and independent housing for elderly persons who want to live in intentional community.  

German Language Communities in Europe, Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe 
Developing a strategy to strengthen mission in the former East Germany, where our liturgical, progressive, service-oriented and democratically governed church offers a unique and compelling alternative to those seeking to build Christian Community. 

Gethsemane Community
Discerning a New Episcopal Community that worships together and provides a haven for individuals historically excluded from church life.

Good Samaritan Episcopal Church, Indianapolis
A church without walls that is a growing community of open-minded Christians who seek to do what Jesus taught us: to include, love and serve all people without exception.  

Green Church, Massachusetts 
Discerning a vision for communities that will engage in dedicated Christian worship and spiritual practice, frequent opportunities for education in Creation care theology, support one another in personal and household habit changes, and support activism for systematic change.

Grovetown Mission, Georgia
A new Episcopal-Lutheran church committed to rediscovering the lost narrative of God’s grace through the sharing of dinner, scripture and the Holy Eucharist.

Halau Wa’a Hawaii, Hawaii
A church plant dedicated to creating disciples and apostles of Jesus through a network of small group ministries “wa’a.”  Affinity activities will empower intimate spiritual voyages and discussions focused on living God’s word through prayer and service.

Holy Family, Texas
A co-creating church plant that pursues deep one-to-one connections, the flourishing of the arts, theological learning, and intimacy with God through liturgy.

Holy Hikes of Green Bay, Fond du Lac 
Discerning a community that meets outdoors, to improve both spiritual and physical well-being.  Scripture, theological reflection and prayer will promote living as pilgrims on a pilgrimage, and provide tools for the journey with God.  

Iglesia Episcopal de San Pablo, Western Massachusetts 
Discerning a new diocesan Hispanic mission in the heart of Holyoke.  They are seeking a real-world understanding of the needs of this community, so the new ministry can respond to them in a holy and life giving way.

Latinx Ministry of Long Island
Discerning opportunities to follow the Holy Spirit’s lead in co-creating a ministry movement with Latinx people along the South Shore.

Life Together, New York 
Discerning a shared worshiping community, gathering space and café in the rural village of Millerton, New York.  They are seeking to convene people across difference, catalyze friendships, build capacities, and plant the seeds for a beloved community worshipping in the Episcopal tradition.

Misa Magdalena, Washington D.C.
A sacramental, bilingual neighborhood church in the Aspen Hill area of Maryland.

Micah, Virginia
Discerning what it would mean to work ecumenically to create a worshiping community with and for Fredericksburg’s street homeless.

Mother of the Savior, Michigan
An Episcopal-Lutheran partnership to create a mission and worshiping community with Arab American Christians in Dearborn

New Hope Church, Southern Ohio
A multi-ethnic, multi-cultural church plant in Beavercreek seeking cross-cultural worship, unity in diversity, and a church where people from different cultures might cultivate godly community.

Plainsong Farm, Western Michigan
Plainsong Farm is a community that focuses on growing food for people AND people for God, and reconnecting Christianity to the care of Creation through immersion site experiences and national network development initiatives.

Park Community Table
Discerning a neighborhood dinner church in the Patuxent Park neighborhood of Lexington Park, MD.  They hope to help address the neighborhood’s socio-economic and racial barriers.

Plainsong Farm, Western Michigan
Plainsong Farm is a community that focuses on growing food for people AND people for God, and reconnecting Christianity to the care of Creation through immersion site experiences and national network development initiatives.

Rathbone Migrant Ministry, Massachusetts
Discerning a Christian community on the migrant route, with the goal of joining with migrants themselves, in their poverty and their hope, in real, mutual ministry across differences of all kinds.

Resurrection Church, Northwest Pennsylvania
A growing, contemporary church plant in Hermitage, PA.  Their vision is to embrace many traditions of the church, but live them out in new and creative ways.

RISE, Pennsylvania
A ministry in Philadelphia gathering younger adults around the baking of bread, and using a formerly shuttered church building for community, baking and worship.

Saint James, Pittsburg
A multicultural worshiping community with a worship style born out of the African American experience.  Along with a collaborative of service partners, they foster an ethos of love and healing.

A new community in Santa Clara, Cuba, that is compelled by a spirit of evangelism, and sowing the seed of faith in a way that is responsive to the context and challenges of Cuban society.

St. Luke’s, North Park, San Diego
A new ministry of small community spaces that create brave space for Christian formation and discipleship through authentic pain-sharing, truth-telling, and creative acts of justice for individual and neighborhood transformation. 

Saint Nicholas, West Texas
A new church plant whose mission is to create space for all to cultivate authentic and vulnerable relationships with Jesus and with one another.

Saint Peter’s Episcopal Church, New York
A hybrid revitalization/new church start in Chelsea that seeks to raise up leadership to plant and revitalize churches across the diocese.  

San Cornelio, Western Kansas
Discerning a Spanish language Episcopal congregation in hopes of providing a socially progressive, theologically familiar and radically welcoming community for the growing Latinx population in Dodge City.

San Joaquin Latino Ministry, San Joaquin
A new Spanish language worshiping community in the heavily Latinx neighborhood surrounding Saint James Cathedral.

San Marco, El Camino Real 
A new Latinx church plant in the Southern part of the Salinas Valley, serving both permanent residents of the area and temporary workers. 

Stepping Stone, El Camino Real 
A jail and reentry Christian community that provides weekly Sunday afternoon worship and Education for Ministry.

Table 229, Minnesota
A Dinner Church that responds to peoples’ voiced longings for community grounded in God, ritual and spirit, along with informal conversation, openness, authenticity and shared leadership.

Teens of Santa Cruz, El Camino Real 
A spiritual community for youth, especially those without faith homes who are searching for deeper connection and meaning.

The Gathering, Los Angeles
A community that seeks to provide opportunities for Asian Americans to gather, pray, learn, engage in initiatives for peace and social justice, and talk about spirituality in an Asian American context.

The Playground, Northern California
Discerning new community gathered around a playground and café.  The mission is to provide opportunities for deep conversation, and for unchurched people to be exposed to version of church that they may have never anticipated.

The Way Station, Iowa
A store front community space with a café, book room, art studio and chapel.  The Way Station provides a stop along the way for spiritual travelers to rest, regroup, recharge and refuel for the rest of the journey.

Warrior Church, Texas
A community designed for people suffering from trauma, addiction, or who need a more physical expression of faith.  Warrior Church is a multi-sensory worship experience utilizing modern training techniques, the prayer book and sacraments.

Wild Church UP, Northern Michigan
A community that seeks to encounter the Living God through shared values of faith, connection, and a way of living that respects, values and protects our environment.  

The Rev. Katie Nakamura Rengers

Staff Officer for Church Planting

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