New Episcopal Communities

Grants for New Episcopal Communities

New Episcopal Communities grants are intended to support operating/program expenses such as salary and benefits, insurance, rent, educational materials, and other operating needs, and are open to any New Episcopal Community with a sponsoring Episcopal diocese. Download the Grant Application Guide to find out what kind of funding is available and get started on your application today.

Upcoming Grant Deadlines:
March 15, 2021

Deadlines for the remainder of the triennium will be determined by the Task Force on Church Planting and Redevelopment.  Contact Katie Nakamura Rengers, Staff Officer for Church Planting, with any questions.

Most NEC grants also include the following requirements, to be fulfilled after the grant is awarded:

  • That the ministry developer (the church planter) attend a Discerning Missional Leadership Retreat or an equivalent assessment.  Though feedback from the retreat will not directly be shared with grant readers, the NEC Grant application asks questions about this feedback.  
  • That the ministry developer receive professional coaching
  • A Covenant Conversation with members of the Task Force on Church Planting and Redevelopment, the point leader for the new ministry, the Bishop and Diocesan fiscal agent.  The Covenant Conversation is a time to discuss expectations for the new ministry, resources and support, and methods for mutual accountability between the Ministry Developer and the Diocese.

See our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information on what makes a strong grant application.

The Rev. Katie Nakamura Rengers

Staff Officer for Church Planting

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