Office of Government Relations

Office of Government Relations

Misinformation, Disinformation, Fake News: Why Do We Care?

May 21, 2020

It can be tempting to think that the fear-inducing, hyper-partisan, misleading, and outright false content pervasive today is an exclusively modern problem. Yet for thousands of years, our Jewish and Christian ancestors have taught that deception is as old as humanity itself. In Genesis 3, the serpent manipulates Eve through a series of misleading and half-true statements to eat the forbidden fruit, then makes Adam do the same by offering him the choice through a trusted source. Sound like anything that has crossed your social media feed recently?

EPPN Global Health Series: HIV/AIDS

May 20, 2020

By: Patricia Kisare “I believe that we in the religious communities have a unique ministry in that we are the popular, public and identified repositories of ethical, moral, and prophetic witness. People want to know what we think about this disease and what we see as a faithful response.” – Presiding Bishop Edmond L. Browning, from […]

OGR COVID-19 Advocacy Newsletter May 2020

May 19, 2020

We write to you to share news about the ongoing work of the Office of Government Relations. Things have changed dramatically over the past few months, but in many ways, our work continues much the same, although with greater urgency and intensity. We continue to reach out to Congressional offices and to meet virtually with Congressional […]

EPPN Global Health Series: Maternal and Child Health

May 13, 2020

By: Patricia Kisare This week our global health series focuses on maternal and child health. Years of research and experience have shown that preventative measures, early diagnosis, and low-cost health interventions are critical for any health condition including maternal and child health care. Since 1990, mortality rates among children have decreased by 50 percent, and maternal deaths […]

The Dangers of Detention During COVID-19

May 11, 2020

By: Rushad Thomas The SARS-CoV-2 pandemic (commonly known as coronavirus) presents a host of challenges to our immigration system. The Episcopal Church was no great supporter of the pre-pandemic enforcement regime and has long supported alternatives to immigrant detention. In the face of a virus easily spread by contact in close quarters, our government has an obligation to […]

EPPN Global Health Series: Introduction and Global Health Security

May 6, 2020

By: Patricia Kisare, International Policy Advisor For the next four weeks, the Office of Government Relations will share information with you about the global health sector and The Episcopal Church’s engagement in this area. In the midst of a global pandemic, it is clear how we all depend on global health systems and infrastructure and the […]

COVID-19, Health Disparities and Systemic Racism: How do we respond as people of faith?

April 30, 2020

By: Rebecca Linder Blachly Event sponsored by the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago’s Antiracism CommissionRemarks below by Rebecca Linder Blachly, director, Office of Government RelationsFor full coverage of the event and information on other panelists see Episcopal News Service. COVID-19 is laying bare a reality that many of us have known: the systemic injustices in our society mean that […]

Statement on President Trump’s Recent Immigration Executive Order

April 24, 2020

The Episcopal Church recognizes that, “human migration has always been part of the human condition.” As Christians, we remember the call in both Hebrew and Christian Scriptures to welcome the stranger, building stronger and more diverse community: “You shall also love the stranger, for you were strangers in the land of Egypt” (Deuteronomy 10:19) and “I was […]

OGR Spotlight: Yemen

April 24, 2020

Our call as Christians to respect the dignity of every human being means we must also look beyond our borders. The conflict in Yemen has been an overlooked humanitarian catastrophe, generating little media coverage despite its magnitude and scale. As global citizens and members of the body of Christ, we must speak up in support […]

Refugees and COVID-19

April 23, 2020

By: Rushad Thomas The SARS-CoV-2 pandemic (commonly known as coronavirus) has upended life for hundreds of millions of Americans. The country now confronts a massive public health crisis that will take the lives of far too many. The pandemic has already proven disastrous for the economy as well. As we survey the damage of the present moment, we would be remiss […]

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