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The Episcopal Church and Supreme Court Advocacy: Fulton v. Philadelphia

June 17, 2021
Office of Government Relations

Today, June 17, the Supreme Court ruled in the case Fulton v. City of Philadelphia, a case about whether Philadelphia’s nondiscrimination law applies to a religiously affiliated agency that declined to certify same-sex couples for foster care placements. You can learn more about the case and The Episcopal Church’s response in this Episcopal News Service article: Episcopal Church reiterates opposition to anti-LGBTQ+ discrimination after Supreme Court foster care ruling

The Office of Government Relations works with colleagues across the Church to engage the judiciary where we believe we can offer a meaningful and unique perspective that may influence court decisions. Amicus briefs, and at times, litigation, can be an additional means of advocacy and a core part of holistic efforts at bringing about change. You can find out more about the rules for submitting amicus briefs on the Supreme Court website and about the influence of amicus briefs here.

The Office of Government Relations