Frank Tracy Griswold III

The 25th Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church.

Frank T. Griswold

Easter Season 2002 Message

March 31, 2002

A prayer at Eastertide Risen Christ, in the midst of grief and despair, at the very point when all seemed lost you stood in the midst of your friends in […]

Embraced by Resurrection

March 15, 2002

We are reconciled in the Risen Christ During last year’s meeting of the primates of the Anglican Communion Archbishop Peter Akinola of Nigeria and I were in the same small […]

Bishop Meets in Climate of Reconciliation at Texas Retreat Center

March 14, 2002

Despite dire predictions of a confrontation over a range of sensitive issues in the life of the Episcopal Church, the annual spring retreat of bishops ended March 12 with general […]

Statement on the Middle East Conflict

March 6, 2002

The unbreakable cycle of violence which was set in motion by Ariel Sharon’s provocative visit to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem some 18 months ago has led to a tragic […]

Presiding Bishop Frank T. Griswold issues statement on Middle East

March 6, 2002

Today Presiding Bishop Frank T. Griswold issued a brief statement on the crisis in the Middle East. He sent the statement to Secretary of State Colin Powell with his prayers […]

Striving for True Boldness

March 1, 2002

“Words are a medium of divine self-disclosure,” I once heard Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel declare to a group of Christian liturgists as they congratulated themselves at having celebrated a largely […]

A progress report from the Presiding Bishop

February 22, 2002

The following report was read to the Executive Council, meeting in San Antonio, during a plenary session February 22, 2002 Since the beginning of this triennium I have been working […]

World Mission Sunday 2002 Letter

January 10, 2002

January, 2002 Dear companions in Christ: The Episcopal Church will celebrate World Mission Sunday on February 10 in 2002, with a theme of “Companionship.” More than 80 dioceses of our […]

A Prayer at Christmas

November 25, 2001

December 24th, 2001 Christmas 2001 O God, your passionate Word to our warring and divided world is Jesus who, arms stretched upon a cross, breaks down all walls of division […]

Presiding Bishop's letter to the bishops on military strikes

October 9, 2001

For the House of Bishops Dear brothers and sisters: I write to you in this sober moment when military action has just begun in an effort to put a stop […]

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